Ed Sheeran Wanted Prince Harry For 'Lego House' Video

24 December 2011, 09:00 | Updated: 24 December 2011, 10:18

The singer-songwriter admits he wasn't sure how much the Royal acts so opted for Harry Potter star Rupert Grint instead.

Ed Sheeran has revealed he would have loved to have got Prince Harry to star in the music video for 'Lego House'.

Speaking to Capital FM, the 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' star said he wanted to get a "really cool ginger" person to take the role, which was eventually filled by Rupert Grint.

Discussing Rupert's role, he said: "It was like I wanna get a really cool ginger to play me and kinda poke fun at the fact that people say I look like Ron Weasley. It was either him or Prince Harry and I don't know if Prince Harry acts."

The collaboration came from another Harry Potter star, Tom Felton, who helped get the pair together after calling in a favour.

Ed admitted he would have loved to return the favour to Rupert and star in one of the Harry Potter films and is disappointed the film series has come to an end.

"I was speaking to one of Rupert Grint's people and you know, it could have been cool to be a stunt double, but now it's all over I can't. I wouldn’t have minded jumping off stuff," he said.

Meanwhile, 'The A Team' singer revealed recently that he was hoping to save up enough money to buy his own train.