Pink Floyd Drummer Wants Fans To "Chill" Over Ed Sheeran Fans' Song Confusion

17 August 2012, 13:44 | Updated: 17 August 2012, 14:02

The 'Lego House' singer has posted a letter from Nick saying how great it had been to perform together.

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has issued a request for the band's to "chill" about their anger over Ed Sheeran fans believing their Olympics closing ceremony performance of 'Wish You Were Here' was a new song by the 21 year-old singer-songwriter.

The 'Lego House' star was joined on stage during his cover of Pink Floyd's popular 1975 hit by Mason alongside Genesis' Mike Rutherford and The Feeling's Richard Jones, and Ed posted an email he received from Nick after the event hoping that the performance could bring their respective fans together.

"The next tweet is an email I just got sent by Nick Mason from Pink Floyd, he asked me to share it," Ed tweeted last night (16th August), before posting Nick's full letter online.

"Following a bit of post show stuff with some of the PF fans getting outraged at people not realising the song was not your new release, I just wanted to go on record to suggest they chill on this," Nick's email reads. "As far as I'm concerned what you did was a really great version of the song, and it's one of the nicest tributes to have any artist choose to play another's work, particularly an artist who's a great songwriter in his own right.

"Personally I really enjoy re-interpretations of other people's work, be it Joe Cocker (Little Help…), Jimmy Hendrix (All Along The Watchtowers…) or Dub side of the Moon, Eric Pridz or the Scissor Sisters…"

Nick added: "Sooner or later people will work out the origin of the song, and who knows, maybe check out our catalogue, just as hopefully our fans might check out yours."

The Pink Floyd drummer also thanked the 'A Team' singer for a "really great experience" and a "great day out".

"Hopefully that clears some stuff up," Ed later posted. "Nicki is a top lad and a legend. Was a massive honour to play that song with him."

Check out a picture of Ed Sheeran performing live at the Olympics closing ceremony below (Credit: PA):

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