Ed Sheeran Unveils New B-Side Song 'Friends'

3 June 2014, 10:38

Listen to the B-side to the star's latest single 'Sing'.

Ed Sheeran has unveiled a new song online.

The track, called 'Friends', features on the EP of his latest single 'Sing', which was released this week. 

Lyrics to the track include: "Friends just sleep in another bed, and friends don’t treat me like you do/ Well I know that there’s a limit to everything, but my friends won’t love me like you". 

'Sing', which was released this week and hit number one on the Vodafone BigTop 40 on Sunday (1st June), serves as the lead single from Sheeran's new album 'x', which follows on 23rd June. 

Meanwhile, the star recently revealed that he is back in the studio writing songs with the likes of Usher and producer Timbaland. 

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