Ed Sheeran Gives Himself December 2013 Deadline To Finish New Album

3 May 2013, 10:41

The 'A Team' singer says he has nine songs that will definitely make the record's final tracklisting.

Ed Sheeran says he is thankful for touring with Taylor Swift as it has given him time to finish his new album without feeling rushed, and revealed he has given himself a December deadline.

The 'Lego House' singer has previously said he is eyeing a release window of February 2014 for the follow-up to his 2011 debut '+', and admits that supporting Taylor on the 'Red' tour is a good opportunity to make sure his second record is perfect.

"It's such a long tour, and it's so spread out, that it's giving me the opportunity to properly put together the second album," Ed revealed to the Detroit News this week. "It doesn't feel like I'm being rushed in the studio.

"I get another six months on top of what I've already written to put together the record, which I think is important," he explained.

The UK singer-songwriter went on to confirm he has 40 songs written and recored in total, nine of which he is certain will make the album's final track listing.

Ed also says he is aiming to have a total of 14 tracks on the record, with December being his personal cut-off point for working on the album.

It was recently reported that Taylor Swift is set to release her Ed Sheeran duet 'Everything Has Changed' as the next single from her 2012 album 'Red'.