Ed Sheeran Reveals New Album Is Inspired By The End Of A Romantic Relationship

16 July 2013, 16:16

The 'Lego House' singer says his next record is mainly about one person he had a romance with.

Ed Sheeran says some of his new music has been inspired by a past romantic relationship, but says he ordinarily tries not to write about his own experiences of love.

The 'Everything Has Changed' singer has promised fans his second studio album will be out in early 2014, and has been writing songs for the record for the past several months.

Ed says although his new album is mostly about the end of one relationship it carries a positive message overall.

"[I've been inspired by] a relationship that I was in and now I'm not," Ed revealed to Buzzfeed this week. "It's been positive. I've got a record, probably two, I'll get two out of this one.

"I tend not to write songs about girls, it's more like a whole album about one person," the 'A Team' singer explained. "I never plan to but I've only been in like three relationships so that's how it works."

The 'Drunk' singer went on to reveal he is still considering a number of additions to the album despite claiming he had mostly finished the record's track listing recently.

"I wrote one the other day that I was really happy with," he teased. "I wasn't expecting to put any more into this album but I went into the studio yesterday and was recording a song for the album and started playing a riff and said, 'Oh this sounds cool', and wrote another song!"

Check out a picture of Ed Sheeran performing on The Today Show this month below:

Earlier this week Ed revealed he still maintains a close relationship with musical icon Elton John, claiming the 'Crocodile Rock' singer always checks in with him each week on the phone.

Ed Sheeran launched his own signature guitar with Martin's this month as part of a new campaign to raise money for the Duchess Of Cambridge charity.