Ed Sheeran Reveals Women Keep Stealing His Trademark Hoodies: "Now I Only Have One!"

26 July 2013, 15:25

The 'Lego House' singer says he doesn't worry much about press criticism of his wardrobe and style.

Ed Sheeran has opened up about criticism of his fashion tastes while revealing that women keep on stealing his signature hoodies.

The 'Everything Has Changed' singer says he doesn't think people expect him to be at the forefront of fashion trends, after being named Worst Dressed by GQ last year.

Ed also says his life touring around the world means he often has to wear whatever he has with I'm on the road, while also revealing that the hoodies he has become known for keep on being stolen.

"You know what, everyone has their off days," Ed told the Crosby Press, about his fashion taste. "I do wear some questionable things now and then, but I live out of one suitcase and when my clothes aren't clean I'll usually wear the t-shirts my fans given me.

"Ralph Lauren make awesome hoodies but women keep stealing them," the 'A Team' singer explained. "I used to have so many, now I have one. 

"I don't know if people expect me to be fashionable anyway," Ed added. "Sleeveless leather jackets wouldn't really work, you know?

Check out a picture of Ed Sheeran performing in America this month below:

Earlier this month Ed revealed that, despite being out on the road with Taylor Swift on her 'Red' tour, the pair won't have another collaboration on his new record.

Ed Sheeran is working on his second studio album at present and has previously suggested a potential release of February 2014.