Ed Sheeran Starts Building His Dream Family House Back In His Home Town

13 May 2013, 14:15

The 'A Team' singer reveals he has started renovating a house for him and his eventual family to live in.

Ed Sheeran has revealed he is currently building his dream home back in his hometown of Halifax in the UK.

The 'Lego House' singer admits he is usually very frugal with his earnings but has splashed out on a property he is renovating to be his family home in the future.

"Kanye West has that line, 'White people make money and don't spend it'," Ed told The Sun this week. "And that's pretty much me.

"[But] I"m renovating a property where I grew up," the UK singer-songwriter went on to reveal. "This is going to be the family house for when I have kids and stuff.

"I'm planting a lot of trees," he continued. "Actually, it's a farm I'm turning into a woodland."

Check out a picture of Ed Sheeran performing live in concert below (Credit: Getty):

This week also saw Ed speaking out to defend his friend and touring companion Taylor Swift from media suggestions she is a serial dater, insisting the US star has only dated two men in two years.

Taylor Swift will reportedly release her Ed Sheeran duet 'Everything Has Changed' as her next single, while Ed's new album is expected around February 2014.