Ed Sheeran Says He Welcomes Criticism: "It Shows I'm Doing Something Right"

17 June 2012, 14:18 | Updated: 17 June 2012, 14:32

The 'A Team' singer says he is glad people have an opinion about his music even if it's negative.

Ed Sheeran says he doesn't mind people criticising his music and and listens to the negative criticism as much he does the positive.

The 'Lego House' singer posted the thoughtful message on Twitter last night (16th June), saying it shows he must be doing something right if people are talking about him. 

"I'm thankful for the love as much as I am about the hate, it shows I'm doing something right," Ed tweeted yesterday. "At least people have an opinion.

"@iamcoxhead 'if they hate then let me hate and watch the money pile up' is a 50 quote i live by," he added, quoting 'In Da Club' rapper 50 Cent.

The 'Small Bump' star released his debut album '+' in the US this week, which went straight to number one on the US Billboard Top 200. 

Ed Sheeran also made his first appearance on US breakfast show The Today Show this week to perform his hit single 'The A Team'.