Ed Sheeran Totally Got His Parents A Flat For Xmas… So They Can Babysit His Future Kids!

24 December 2015, 09:56

Ed Sheeran Live Adelaide

They already have a house but Mama and Papa Sheeran have been given a new flat opposite his own for Christmas!

Ed Sheeran definitely gets the Son Of The Year Award (if there was one) for the Christmas present he bought his parents – a flat in London opposite his own!

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And the reason for his extravagant present? It’s so that Mama and Papa Sheeran will be just round the corner for when he needs them to babysit his future children – now THAT’S forward planning!

Ed told The Sun, “I bought them a flat. They already have a house. I got them a flat and a car in London so they can stay there. It’s opposite me as well.


“My thing is, I bought a house about a mile away from them where we live in a countryside, and I bought a flat and a house pretty much opposite each other in London. So when I have kids, when they start getting a little bit irritating, I’ve got the grandparents there."

Well, that’s definitely going to save him some money on childcare… not that we reckon it would be a big deal for one of the world’s biggest talents, anyhow! How lucky are his parents though?! 

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