Ed Sheeran Gets His (Hairy) Pins Out In A Dress As ‘Annie’ – And It Is AMAZING!

2 September 2014, 10:29

Ed Sheeran drags up as another famous redhead for his hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

One of the things we love about Ed Sheeran is that he is pretty much game for anything – including dressing up as a woman on TV… 

Jimmy Kimmel managed to convince Ed to don a dress to impersonate little orphan Annie in a ‘musical’ to rival NBC’s upcoming ‘Peter Pan Live’.

Ed comes out on stage with Annie's dog Sandy and prepares to sing the iconic song ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical ‘Annie – but does he go through with the song? 

In any case, Jimmy decides that 'Annie' is hairier than 'Sandy'! Might be an idea to wax those pins if you ever fancy donning a dress again, Ed! 

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