Demi Lovato Channels Her Inner Diva & SLAYS James Corden In A Riff-Off!

6 April 2017, 16:52

Divas Riff-Off w/ Demi Lovato


*mic drop*

Pop superstar Demi Lovato took on chat show legend James Corden in a "riff-off", after he said today's divas don't live up to the divas of yesteryear.

Demi manages to belt out iconic hits from Adele and Katy Perry, while the UK-born host comes back with classics from Tina Turner & Artha Franklin.

> James Corden Is Bringing The Late Late Show To The UK - And You Could Be In The Audience!

After a fierce battle, Ms Lovato absolutely slayed with a performance of her own hit 'Heart Attack'... then even made James her "bitch" after a mighty mic drop.


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