Calvin Harris Wants YOU To Get Him A New Profile Pic, And We Defy Anyone To Not LOL At The Responses

29 November 2016, 08:26 | Updated: 29 November 2016, 08:28

Calvin Harris Profile Picture Asset

Don't even get us started on the VERY NSFW ones!

We all know that Calvin Harris needs your love - he even said so in song - but now the Scottish record producer needs your help now.

After he claimed his current picture was "too serious / fake serious", the 'My Way' hitmaker took to Twitter to ask his nine million followers to assist him in getting a new profile picture. And of course the Internet just provided sensible, sane responses.

> “I Built A Pub Backstage At A Festival”: Calvin Harris Just Revealed How Much Of A BALLER He Is!

Sure they did...

Some got in the festive spirit. Natch.

Some channeled the 2007 Harris.

And then some just won the Internet and Calvin's affections.

If you've ever got two and a half milliseconds on Photoshop, chances are, international superstar Calvin Harris might just use your design for his public image. Who knew?!

(Finally, some designers - we're looking at you, Dillon Francis - were just too much for us to even post.)

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