Beyoncé Fans Are 100% Certain Her New Braids Have A Secret Meaning & We're So Here For It

14 November 2017, 14:16 | Updated: 5 December 2018, 11:50


Please be true.

It's common knowledge that every single movement Yoncé makes, her loyal fanbase are all over it. So when a snap of the Queen sporting her iconic braids surfaced on Twitter, you just knew there were some conversations to be had.

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First things first, how SMOKIN' HAWT does Bey look?! And of course Jay-Z is easily the coolest man alive just rocking a baseball cap and a hoodie like he isn't worth a billion dollars.

But hey...what's the 'secret meaning' behind Bey's braids then?

Well, according to the die-hard fans, whenever the singer wears braids, she is in fact working on new music. History tells us that she wore the same style when she recorded 'Partition' from her fifth album as well as sporting the same look in 2013 when recording 'Lemonade'.

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Fans have been ALL over it on Twitter, just waiting for new music...






Just because you never need a reason to watch Bey's 'Single Ladies' video: