Beyonce Wore More Than The Entirety Of Your University Fees Just On Her left Boob Last Night

3 May 2016, 12:38 | Updated: 3 May 2016, 13:05

Beyonce Asset

It's one of the biggest nights in the showbiz calendar and last night Beyoncé rocked up to the Met Gala wearing this bad boy of a dress.


The custom-made Givenchy dress is 100% Talalay latex and decorated with pearls which are rumoured to be $8000 EACH. 


Someone has been quick to note that on Queen Bey's left boob alone, there's 37 pearls. 


If they actually are $8000 each (admittedly this hasn't been confirmed), well, that's quite a bit of money. 

Beyonce calclulator


Imagine what you could do with just one pearl.


Or five. 


You'd no longer need to debate over that morning Starbucks.


Despite the dress costing a lot, some people weren't fans of her outfit. 


Like, a few people didn't have nice things to say at all. 


And some people can smell something fishy...


Either way, let's just agree the dress will be super expensive and she looked the bee's knees. 

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