LISTEN: Guys, There's A Beyoncé And Jay Z Mash-Up Mix Tape, And It's Legit The Dopest Album Going

15 June 2017, 14:57

Jay Z and Beyoncé Mash-Up Album


Scroll through our "BIGJAMZ2k17" playlist, and you'll find the following albums on there - 'Lemonade', 'The Blueprint', 'I Am... Sasha Fierce', 'Watch The Throne' and 'B'Day'.

Basically, we love Beyoncé and Jay Z. End of. That's why, when we found a mash-up album made entirely of their tunes, we let out a little internal squeal. And a very loud external one.

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One musical genius, who goes by the name of 'amorphous' has mixed some of Bey's biggest hits, with her hubby's to create the album - wait for it... 'Bey-Z'. We're already sold.

Mixing the likes of Jay Z's 1998 hit 'Can I Get A...' with Beyoncé's recent 'Formation', and Jay's 'Big Pimpin'' with Bey's 'Diva', you've got yourself pure gold for your ears.

Just wait until you get to track four.

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Speaking of mash-ups, we still cannot get our heads around this weirdly surreal 'Single Ladies' medley, that works just too well...