Beyoncé’s New Album Is Set For A Release On Netflix & Everyone’s Confused

25 July 2018, 16:32

Beyonce Netflix Album

The Beyhive is abuzz with rumours that Beyoncé is working on her next visual album following Lemonade, and is in talks with Netflix to release it...

When Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, a feature length visual album that exposed Jay-Z's affair to the world, it's fair to say it shook us all to our core and changed the game forever.

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Now, reports are emerging that Beyoncé's seventh solo album is under way, with tabloids suggesting the 'Formation' singer is in talks with Netflix to drop her next visual album which she wants to be even more visually impressive than Lemonade.

To try and top her groundbreaking previous album, the Beyhive is abuzz with rumours that she is scouting out locations that will impress, with many seeming to confirm she making requests to film in the infamous Colisium in Rome, whilst she, Jay-Z and their children are currently in Italy. 

Many Twitter users, however, are saying she was denied access to film there... which has left us asking, who TF rejects the Queen?

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