Ariana Grande’s Victorious Reunion With Liz Gillies & Matt Bennett On Stage Sends Fans Into Meltdown

20 November 2019, 11:35

Ariana Grande surprised fans with a Victorious reunion
Ariana Grande surprised fans with a Victorious reunion. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Ariana Grande gave her fans the best surprise when she brought her Victorious co-stars on stage.

Ariana Grande gave fans the Victorious reunion they needed after bringing out Liz Gillies and Matt Bennett on stage.

The ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ singer’s former co-stars performed with her during the Sweetener Tour show in Atlanta.

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Ari teased the mini reunion before it happened, tweeting: “Guys I can’t tell u why yet but I’m so excited for tonight I’ve never felt this way goodbye,” before Liz wrote back asking "why".

The 26 year old replied, saying: “Feeling: nervous,” and Liz asked "why?" again, with Matt joining in, saying: “Is it because you think Atlanta’s swell?” which was the first hint to fans.

If you don’t remember, Matt’s character in the show, Robbie Shapiro, was Ari’s – or Cat Valentine’s – love interest and serenaded her with the most adorable track ‘I think you’re swell’.

Before the show started, fans posted clips of the Victorious theme tune, ‘Make It Shine’, being sang throughout the crowd and Matt, who was hanging out by the front of the stage, joined in as they sang along.

At this point, Arianators had sussed out what was going on, with one tweeting: “Ill swear I teleport to atlanta right now if ur gonna sing with matt and liz [sic].”


Matt then took the stage and serenaded Ari with the aforementioned love song and fans were stanning hard, with one posting: “IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING… MY CHILDHOODDDDD [sic].”

If that wasn’t nostalgic enough, Liz came on stage and sang ‘Give It Up’ from the Nickelodeon show with Ariana – and we were reliving our childhood one vocal at a time.

Just before the performance, a fan wrote: “I will absolutely lose my mind and leave planet earth and be the first human to successfully live on planet mars if Ariana and Liz sing Give It Up live tonight,” and we felt that on another level after seeing the clips.

26-year-old Liz, who was in the ‘Thank U, Next’ music video, completed the night of surprises when she accompanied Ari while she sang the break-up hit and it was amazing.

After the show, Ari responded to a clip where she spoke off-mic to Liz and revealed she said to the actress: “The confetti. It’s coming.”

Liz, who looked confused during the set, responded with: “I had no idea what was going on the entire time, thank u again for this warning [sic].”

We cannot get over the best reunion of the year!

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