Ariana Grande's Cryptic Tweet Has Got Everyone Confused

18 April 2018, 11:31

Ariana Grande

This is set to be the first new music we've heard from Ariana since the Manchester terror attack back in 2017.

Given that it's been a year since the tragic events that unfolded at Ariana Grande's Manchester Arena concert, her return to Twitter couldn't have come at a more relevant time.

With no new music released since that tragic event, it seems that Ari is well and truly back, but her latest cryptic tweet has left many people asking one simple question... why is it upside down?

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After tweeting what appears to be a tear emoji, Ari then wrote to her followers saying, 'missed you' before she tweeted an upside down message that read 'no tears left to cry 4.20'.

The final cryptic tweet had everyone turning their phones upside down to try and figure out what exactly it said and some of the responses were hilarious...

But the question on everyone's lips was 'why is this upside down?' and it seems there may be an answer!

The phrase 'no tears left to cry', which many people believe to be the title of Ariana's new single, was initialy spotted written upside down on a top that she was wearing and then later seen on her boyfriend Mac Miller's top too.

One fan's theory actually makes sense and it's all about perspective.

They wrote, 'I'VE BEEN THINKING, so i have a theory why the merch is upside down. If u wear it and u look down, you see it the right way so WHAT IF Ariana made it that way if someone's crying and they look down and read it. lol idk i just THINK THAT IT'S SOMETHING LIKE THAT'.

Errrm that actually makes a whole lot of sense and is a really nice touch if that is the case.

In terms of that 4.20 part, that appears to be a release date for new Ariana Grande music (20th April), at least that's what her manager Scooter Bruan hinted at recently...

Scooter Braun Instagram

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Whilst you're here, remind yourself of the touching moment Ariana comforted a crying school girl at the One Love Manchester show...