Ariana Grande Tells Pete Davidson To “Never Post Again” In Instagram Comment

2 October 2018, 11:41 | Updated: 24 October 2018, 17:22

Pete Davidson made headlines this week for some pretty graphic comments about Ariana Grande, who in turn told him to never post on his Instagram page.

Pete Davidson’s once again returned to Instagram, but people were slightly distracted from the photo he posted by Ariana Grande’s comments underneath it, telling him not to post again.

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After Pete posted a blurry picture of a photograph on his otherwise empty Instagram account, Ariana replied, “Where is the mixtape” before quickly following it up with “This is sick and ur page looks cool never post again”.

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Although Ari was joking around, fans began to speculate whether she could be alluding to the fact Pete has been saying some pretty sketchy stuff about her and their relationship in recent interviews.

Ariana Grade left some comments on Pete Davidson's Instagram post.
Ariana Grade left some comments on Pete Davidson's Instagram post. Picture: Instagram

Pete has recently claimed he has swapped Ariana’s birth control pills for Tic-Tacs so she can’t leave him as well as claiming he thinks of his father dying in the 9/11 terror attack while in bed with her to last longer.

However, Ari is known for having a cheeky sense of humour so it was nothing more than her trolling him for his hipster-style photo choice – but if his recent social media is anything to go by, this one won’t be up for long either!

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