WATCH: Ariana Grande’s Mum Literally LOSING IT Over Her New Album Is The FUNNIEST Thing

21 April 2016, 12:03

Ariana Grande Mum

Mama Grande can NOT cope with how good the ‘Dangerous Woman’ album is – and her reaction is priceless!

We love secret recordings of people totally losing their shizz, and Ariana Grande’s mum is probably our favourite one ever!

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Ari played her mum the full version of her brand new album ‘Dangerous Woman’ in the car recently, and secretly recorded her reaction – and it’s safe to say Mama Grande was VERY happy with it!

In Ariana’s latest Instagram video , Joan Grande’s pretty much screaming her head off with joy, shouting “Ariana, I’m not kidding that’s the best song I ever heard! Holy s**t!” – now we see where Ariana gets her excitable personality from!

Ariana captioned the video, “Mom's genuine reaction when I played her the album (she's actually going to murder me for reposting that but it's the funniest s**t I've ever seen sorry mama love you)”.


‘Dangerous Woman’ is going to be released on 20th May. 

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