Spank You Very Much! Madonna Thanks Ariana With A Big Ol' Smack On The Bum!

Madonna - Unapologetic Bitch (Ariana Grande). Miami Rebel Heart Tour 24.01


We've all seen Madonna take a raunchy turn on stage after *shudder* THAT game of tonsil tennis with Drake. But you NEED to see what the pop icon did to Ariana's poor bottom!

Madonna kind of has a thing for bringing on major stars onto stage with her - she's had Katy Perry screaming that Madge is her mum, and she's had Idris Elba actually opening for her.

But she also has a thing for getting weirdly dirty with her guests. But that's your average 57-year-old for you, right? RIGHT?

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During the last leg of her 'Rebel Heart Tour', she welcomed the 'Focus' singer, Ariana Grande onto the stage to join her to sing 'Unapologetic B*tch'. While the whole arena was clapping their hands, Madonna was clapping her hands... Against Ariana's bum cheeks.

Dancers bent the 22-year-old over, so Madonna could get a full swing! Ariana handled it like a pro and continued the performance (even if she did do the rest of it gasping in between lyrics!)

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I am dead. @madonna thank you for the spanking & the banana. #rebelheart #forever #unapologeticbitches

A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) onJan 24, 2016 at 10:29pm PST

Remind us to not go on stage with Madge any time soon, okay?

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