WATCH Ariana Grande Singing 'Into You' With All Of The Snapchat Filters Is TOO CUTE!

Snapchat Duet with Ariana Grande ("Into You")


We didn't think anyone could look sexy with the Snapchat bread filter covering their face... That was until we saw this video from Ari.

Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon are pretty much the two best friends anyone could have - together, they've had full lip-sync conversations and she absolutely NAILS Jimmy's Wheel of Musical Impressions - but none of them even come close to this.

Together, Ariana and 'The Tonight Show' host cover Grande's latest hit 'Into You'. That sounds perfectly normal, doesn't it?

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Well, it does until you see the pair do the entire thing using every Snapchat filter going. Expect to see Ariana as a puppy; Jimmy as a cuddly teddy bear and the most traumatising Faceswaps you'll ever imagine.

We couldn't believe that Ariana looked so gorgeous with facial hair and a Viking helmet. You could slap any filter on her and she'd kill it! (Shame we can't say the same for Jimmy...)

Now if she doesn't release this as an official music video, we need to have words with her!

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