Idina Menzel says Ariana Grande would be "amazing" as Elphaba in the Wicked movie

4 December 2019, 12:38

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Ariana Grande is one of the names currently being attached to Elphaba in the film adaptation of Wicked the musical.

Ariana Grande fans assemble. Idina Menzel has given Ariana Grande her approval to play Elphaba in the new Wicked movie.

Arianators will already know that Ariana Grande is obsessed with Wicked the musical. In October last year, Ariana performed 'The Wizard and I' for NBC's A Very Wicked Halloween special. Speaking to Zach Sang earlier this year, Ariana also revealed that she "would do anything" to play Elphaba in the upcoming movie adaptation of Wicked.

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She said: "I don't really have many dream roles. I already got to play Penny in Hairspray. Elphaba and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, those are my two dream roles... I would do anything. I would stand outside of the producers' office with coffee waiting for them to acknowledge me, begging to sing 'Defying Gravity' for them."

Now, the original Elphaba from Broadway, Idina Menzel, has weighed in on Ariana's dreams in a brand new interview.

Idina Menzel says Ariana Grande would be "amazing" as Elphaba in the Wicked movie
Idina Menzel says Ariana Grande would be "amazing" as Elphaba in the Wicked movie. Picture: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images, Virginia Sherwood/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Image

Ariana recently featured on the single 'A Hand for Mrs. Claus' on Idina's new album Christmas: A Season of Love. Speaking to Andy Cohen about how the collaboration came about, Idina stated: "I don't know. I knew she was a fan because we did the Wicked reunion together. She sang 'the Wizard and I'". She then went on: "I needed a girl power vibe". She also said that she was so "excited" Ariana said yes.

Andy then asked Idina if she thinks that Ariana "would be a good Elphaba for the movie". Idina then instantly replied: "She would be amazing." She also said: "Well she kicked ass on 'the Wizard and I'. She sang stuff I'd never even thought of. I was like why didn't I sing like that?" In other words, Idina has signed off on Ariana playing Elphaba and we need this to happen now.

Idina Menzel on Working with Ariana Grande

Discussing Wicked even further with Zach Sang in February, Ariana said: "I love the musical so much. Whenever I'm nervous about anything I listen front to back. Meeting Kristen for the first time backstage as a little girl [was] one of the most exciting moments of my life. I fucking loved those women. I still do."

She also said: "Kristen texts me. I'm friends with Kristen Chenoweth. That's the coolest thing I've ever accomplished." And now she's friends with Idina and Idina wants her to fill her shoes.

Wicked the movie is scheduled to come out December 22, 2021. As it stands, no casting choices have been revealed.

Who do you think should play Elphaba in the movie?