Ariana Grande Proved She Wasn’t Catfishing A Fan With DM Selfie

9 August 2018, 16:16 | Updated: 9 August 2018, 16:50

Ariana Grande was booking fans taxis to her secret #SweetenerSlumberParty when she became concerned about worried parents!

With her brand new album 'Sweetener' coming out on 17th August 2018, Ariana Grande decided to hold a secret #SweetenerSlumberParty for some of her fans and sent out a handful of invites through Twitter.

But as she booked fans some taxis to get to the party, she became worried that parents would think her young fans may be getting catfished and so decided to send a picture to prove it was actually her sliding into the DMs.

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Whilst that might've sounded like a good idea, the picture that Ariana sent was pretty much in pitch black dakness and you could barely see her... something a catfish might actually do!

Luckily it was indeed Ariana who was organising the party and she even revealed that the event in Los Angeles was being filmed too.

Fans were pretty hyped by the whole thing, although for anyone who lives outside of LA there was the bitter taste of disappointment in the air.

Ariana also revealed that she's arranging a #SweetenerSlumberParty in London, so fans in the UK should start getting very excited about that!

With the new clips from 'Sweetener' in the video above, we're more excited to get Ariana's album now than ever before, so roll on 17th August!

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