WATCH: Stormzy Absolutely Freaks Out When He Gets A Shoutout From... ADELE?!

Stormzy and Adele

The English rapper and MC become a household name when he released 'Shut Up'... But even at the top of your game, you can be forgiven for fangirling over Adele, right?!

Who HASN'T been to see Adele performing at the O2 yet? We know who has... Stormzy. Yes. You read that right. This is already a pretty surreal story, isn't it?

It gets weirder.

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During Adele's set, she dedicated a song to the 'Shut Up' rapper, while he was recording on his phone.

Would you honestly expect Stormzy to react any other way but "OH. MY. DAAAAAAAYS!"?

Stormzy Jools Holland

And it turns out that the 'Hello' diva is also a fan of his. Okay, it can't just be us that is begging for a collab, right?

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