5SOS Drama! Capital's Lisa Investigates How Michael Clifford Lost His Passport

8 December 2014, 14:21

Michael Clifford couldn't join the 5SOS boys on stage at the #CapitalJBB last night - SOB - but just HOW did he manage to lose his passport and WHERE is it? We investigate...

#5SOSFam, we're sure you've heard the news... Michael Clifford has gone and lost his bloomin' passport and so the rest of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys had to rock out without him at the #CapitalJBB on Sunday night. 

Capital's Lisa HAD to ask the boys exactly how Mikey managed to misplace probably the MOST IMPORTANT document he possesses ahead of the show - was he a little wonky?! The boys explained exactly what happened…

Michael made the announcement with a VERY adorable video, and you lot immediately started coming up with some GENIUS ideas as to where Mikey's passport could be hiding. SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS IT?

1. In the fridge...?

Michael 5SOS Passport

You lot are pretty adamant about this one. We wouldn't be surprised if it was hiding behind the Vegemite, to be honest.  


2. Could it be in that TERRIFYING Cornucopia thing off The Hunger Games?

Michael 5SOS Passport

We'd fight Katniss Everdeen to the death for Michael's passport ANY day of the week.  


3. Maybe it's in this cute little dog's mouth?

Michael 5SOS Passport

Passports are NOT dog food, but we're not too sure if Michael knows this. 


4. Uh-oh...has Daniel taken it?

Michael 5SOS Passport



Wherever Michael's passport is, it's obviously VERY upset about the whole thing... Because now it's got its own Twitter account. 

Michael Passport Twitter

That escalated quickly. 


It's not just Twitter either, Michael's passport has already gotten an Instagram page too... 

Michael 5SOS Passport Instagram

Just reminiscing on the good old days...



Well, we hope Mikey and his passport are reunited soon, but until then at least he's got the #5SOSFam to help him through this difficult time with some adorable messages.


@romankemp's out and about finding messages of support for Michael @5sos! #5SOSPassportDrama #capitaljbb

A video posted by Capital (@capitalofficial) onDec 12, 2014 at 7:52am PST


UPDATE: Oh wait, our very own Roman Kemp's had it this whole time. Awks.


WE KNOW WHO HAS THE PASSPORT!! It's that pesky @romankemp. Spread the word! #5sospassportdrama #capitaljbb

A video posted by Capital (@capitalofficial) onDec 12, 2014 at 8:15am PST


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