Torchbearer Profile: Paula Punnett

25 June 2012, 00:00

Age: 39

Hometown: Leeds

Carrying the Flame through: Beeston

Carrying the Flame on: Monday 25th June

Paula's nomination story

I would like to nominate Paula Punnett for the torch relay. Paula came from and unsettled family background and sport Sport played and influential part in her personal development. 

As result of this Paula set up a community organisation with the aim of embracing sport to develop the lives of young people in a deprived area of Leeds with the objective to inspire youngsters to challenge their boundaries and to support them and their families to enjoy the fantastic opportunities that sport offers on and off the pitch regardless of skills and abilities. 

Paula is an inspiring person within her community, being a female involved in football and developing community projects to meet local needs. All of Paula's roles have been in a voluntary capacity. 

In addition Paula has represented the Uk in the footballing antiracist world cup and being part of delivering 'A Sporting Chance' for people with learning disabilities. Paula is truly an inspiration to the younger people in the community where there are many external issues facing the development of our younger people.