WATCH: Zendaya Bluntly Stopped An Interview To 'Fix Something' & We Need More Of This In Our Lives Tbh

7 December 2017, 17:43

God bless her.

Have you ever had something on/in your teeth and no one told you? You know like lipstick or a piece of food in your teeth, and you’ve gone about your business for the whole day only to look in a mirror and be embarrassed because no one told you?

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Yup, we’ve all been there, but thankfully there are people like Zendaya in the world.

God bless her.

The young actress was out and about doing press runs for her new movie, The Greatest Showman, when the hair of the guy interviewing her caught her eye in the clip below. 

The rebellious hair strand was sticking up to the heavens and Zendaya just had to let him know. But not only did she tell him, she went ahead and fixed it for him like the ledge that she is too!

Annoyingly, the hair strand went right back up minutes later but at least she tried, bless her. 

Now where can we sign up to get Zen on our team?

(GIF: Giphy)

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