This Week's Most Asked Question: Will Zayn Malik Be At The VMAs?

29 August 2015, 06:00 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Zayn Malik at Kylie Jenners 18th

So with the VMA's coming up this Sunday, there's only ONE question everyone's asking... will Zayn Malik make an appearance, and even possibly perform?!

Zayn is yet to release music of his own since splitting from One Direction in March, however fans are speculating that we could possibly see a newly solo Zayn drop his first single on stage of the MTV VMAs, this Sunday.

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So we've broken it down, and are asking you COULD this rumour be true?


The rumours started after Zayn appeared in this advert apparently released by MTV...


Which sent fans into an absolute frenzy!


Although saying that, Zayn's supposedly not got a seat...(Pretty sure the organisers could find him one if he fancied coming!)


For some fans, he doesn't even need to perform (although it'd be pretty sweet if he did).


And this August tweet from Zayn himself has only fanned the rumour flames on Twitter.


SO many questions!!



Could Miley be sat in Zayn's seat...?


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