Would You Rather... Share Your Toothbrush Or Give Someone Access To Your Phone?

2 June 2016, 15:58 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Share Toothbrush Or Share iPhone

Turns out you'd rather share spit then have someone access your camera roll!

Along with people farting in lifts and picking their nose on the train - sharing a toothbrush with someone has pretty much ALWAYS been one of the grossest things a human can do.

In fact, it's been that way for a looooong time - why would you want to share spit and germs with someone? Gross!

Well, actually turns out there's officially something LESS DESIRABLE than compromising those pearly whites...

Giving someone access to your smartphone!

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Actually, more than DOUBLE the amount of people would rather share a toothbrush with someone than give them access to their phone.

According to research carried out by O2, less than 1 in 20 people (4.5%) of people would hand over their passcode to a close friend, but almost 1 in 10 (9%) would hand over their toothbrush to a mate in need.

So the lesson of the story is this: always keep a stash of spare toothbrushes in your bathroom cabinet and nobody will ever find those photos on your phone. BOOM!

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