Pop Star's Worst Nightmares: When Gigs Go Bad

13 September 2013, 10:35 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Join Capital as we take a look at some of the most memorable and cringe-worthy live moments that most pop stars wish they could forget for Friday 13th.

It's a well known fact that anything can and will happen when pop stars get on stage to perform in front of their fans.

But while this usually refers to awe-inspiring stage costumes, incredible pyrotechnic explosions or jaw-dropping guest stars, there are also times when the completely unexpected happens and things go wrong.

Capital have bought together some of the most memorable stage mishaps in recent years to create a collection of live accidents that most pop singers are wishing had never been caught on camera.

Check out the videos below and let us know your favourite stories from gigs in comment for at the bottom of the page.

Lady Gaga Hit On The Head By Pole
The 'Marry The Night' star suffered a painful looking concussion when her 'Born This Way Ball' world tour arrived in Auckland, New Zealand last month. Gaga was descending from a platform during a performance of her hit single 'Judas' when one of her backing dancers accidentally dropped a metal pole on her head. The 'You & I' singer managed eventually to complete her show and tweeted a picture of her injury to fans later after confirming she was fine after undergoing an MRI scan.
Dizzee Rascal Falls Off Stage

UK rapper Dizzee Rascal endured a a fall on stage during a performance at the University of Kent back in 2009 after he tripped on a stage speaker and fell headfirst onto the venue's floor. 'Bonkers' rapper Dizzee took the fall in his stride however, apologising to the people he had knocked on his way down and jokingly asking the crowd whether they had got his tumble on camera. 
Britney Spears' Dancer Falls
Britney's 2009 'Circus' tour featuring a whole show based around incredible feats of acrobatics and during one unfortunate performance one of her daredevil backing dancers suffered an accident when they off an acrobatic ring suspended above the stage. Despite the painful looking fall the dancer in question quickly got back up and continued with the performance.
Pink's On-Stage Accident

Back in 2010, 'So What' singer Pink suffered a bad accident on stage during a concert in Germany where a technical problem resulted in her falling out of a stage harness and directly into one of the arena barriers. The concert was forced to end early because the star was in so much pain from the injury. She was later given the all clear after having x-rays to check nothing had been broken.

Justin Bieber Walks Into Glass Door
Justin Bieber has made numerous jokes about his seeming inability to spot glass doors, after several accidents were caught on camera. The 'Boyfriend' singer is seen here exciting a building through swinging glass doors before accidentally bumping his head on the glass.
Katy Perry Falls In A Cake
Katy Perry celebrated her performance of 'I Kissed A Girl' back at the 2008 Latin America MTV Awards in Mexico by diving into a giant cake situated on stage. However, after coating herself in the delicious desert Katy found herself having trouble standing after she slipped over on stage repeatedly, before laughing off the accident with the crowd in attendance.
Usher Gets Kicked In The Head By A Fan

Usher got more than he bargained for during one live performance that saw him inviting a fan on stage for a risque lap dance. While turning around on the lounger Usher was seated on the mortified fan accidentally kicked the 'Scream' singer in the head with her high heel boot. Despite the injury Usher made a joke out of the obvious accident by remarking, "We play rough in the bed, you know?"
Beyonce Falls Down Stairs At Gig

During a performance in Orlando, Florida, Beyonce accidentally slipped down some tricky stairs on the stage, but quickly got up and whipped her hair around for the crowd to show she hadn't been hurt by the fall.
Rihanna Trips On Stage

While taking her 'Loud' tour across the world in 2011, Rihanna took a tumble on stage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada when she fell flat on her knees during a performance of 'What's My Name?'. Quickly rising to her feet Rihanna simply shrugged her soldiers and carried on with the song.
Kanye West Tells Fans To Leave
During a performance of his hit single 'All Falls Down' in Washington State back in 2011, Kanye took the drastic message to stop the music and kick several fans out of the arena after one of them threw their business card on stage. The 'Watch The Throne' star told the arena the fan had caused a safety risk as he and his fellow performers could potentially slip on the card when certain sections of the stage are elevated into the air.