You Can Now Buy Near Enough Everything From The Twilight Saga & Some Of It's Weird AF

25 October 2016, 16:07 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10


But you can totally buy Jacob's motorbike.

Here’s a scary thought for you: it’s almost been 8 years since Twilight hit cinemas for the first time. 


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Luckily enough though, fans of the film franchise can celebrate by owning an actual piece from the movies. 

Prop Store and Summit Entertainment have teamed up for a two-day long auction and, prepare to get excited because over 900 props, costumes and pieces of the set are about to go up for sale. 

Which means, yes, you could actually own Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) engagement ring or her wedding dress, Edward’s (Robert Pattison) wedding suit or Jacob’s (Taylor Lautner) motorbike. 

Other items worth noting are:

  • Edward’s journal
  • An invite to their wedding
  • Bella’s charm bracelet
  • Bella’s pyjamas (yes, weird)
  • Angela’s prom dress
  • Edward’s sunglasses (you know, when he steps out of his car looking all hot and stuff)
  • Alice’s dance studio sketches (from when they were being chased by James)

In summary, everything from the films is available to buy right here.

You are welcome.

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