‘Woody Is Too Precious’: The Circle Fans Praise Zoe Ball And Fatboy Slim’s Son For Being ‘Loveliest’, ‘Most Genuine’ Player

15 October 2019, 11:22

Woody is one of the favourites to win.
Woody is one of the favourites to win. Picture: channel 4

The Circle’s Woody has been praised for being the ‘loveliest’, ‘most genuine’ player.

Woody Cook has gained a huge army of loyal fans while appearing on The Circle. And they are now rooting for him to go on and win the show.

The 18-year-old faced his hardest task yet on Monday night when he was forced to block a fellow player face-to-face, after he was chosen by viewers to become a ‘secret influencer’.

What Is The Circle? Channel 4's 'Big Brother' Catfish Reality Show Hosted By Emma Willis

He decided to get rid of 62-year-old ‘Joyce’, after becoming suspicious about her true identity. And when he reached her flat, his suspicions were confirmed as he was met by previously blocked players Beth and Jack.

It was an awkward encounter, to say the least, and Beth’s angry reaction was the subject of hundreds of memes, but Woody handled it like a ‘true gentleman’.

The 18-year-old then sat the pair down and revealed the true identity of his famous parents, something he’s been keeping a secret as he wants wants to be popular in his own right.

“So my dad is DJ Fatboy Slim and my mum is Zoe Ball,” he said.

Fans flooded Twitter with messages about how ‘nice’ and ‘down to Earth’ he is, with one writing: “I have to say, Woody from @C4TheCircle is a legend! Such a nice and down to earth kid. I hope he now knows people love him for him @FatboySlim and @ZoeTheBall have done an amazing job keeping him grounded and not spoiling him.”

Another added: “@ZoeTheBall raised a true gentleman.”

The Circle will conclude on Friday and one of the remaining players will be crowned the winner and awarded £100k!

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