Who Is The Circle Narrator? Voiceover Sophie Willan Returns For Celebrity Version

10 March 2021, 10:54

The Celebrity Circle line-up for 2021
The Celebrity Circle line-up for 2021. Picture: Channel 4

The Circle has returned with a celebrity edition, but who is the voiceover on the Channel 4 show?

Channel 4’s The Circle returned to screens with a celebrity edition, including a line-up of some of TV's well-known faces including Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson.

Hosted by Emma Willis, the reality TV series sees players communicate to one another through a social media platform, meaning they can create a profile to be whoever they want to be, cat-fishing their co-stars.

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As the show kicked off on Tuesday, many viewers were left wondering who is the narrator of The Circle.

The Celebrity Circle has the same narrator as the usual version, Sophie Willan.

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Sophie Willan is the narrator of The Circle
Sophie Willan is the narrator of The Circle. Picture: Getty

Sophie is a 33-year-old stand-up comedian from Bolton, who also works as a writer and actor.

She began her career in the theatre before moving into the comedy sector in 2014, telling The Guardian it was: “To find a way to make it funny in five minutes that my mum was a heroin addict, without freaking people out.”

She added: “I’d hidden my background, and not realised I was doing it. Theatre and live art is so middle class, so dominated by one type of person. And my communication style would often be misunderstood, would be considered aggressive when I was just being direct.”

Sophie is now narrating The Circle, keeping us all entertained as the likes of Duncan James, Denise Van Outen and Saffron Barker try to play the biggest social network game.

The Circle continues weekdays at 9pm on Channel 4

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