Sex Education: Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About Asa Butterfield

11 January 2019, 16:12

Asa Butterfield fans are asking people to respect the 'Sex Eductio'n actor's long resume of TV and film roles and to not turn him into 'Netflix's boy of the month'.

Asa Butterfield fans have taken to Twitter to urge people to respect the actor and not turn him into the next 'Netflix pretty boy of the month' as he stars in the new series Sex Education that was released today.

His fanbase want people to know the new British comedy about an awkward schoolboy, played by Asa, who follows in his sex therapist mum (Gillian Anderson's) footsteps by launching a money making scheme to become his school's sex councillor is the latest, but by no means, first acting role.

Netflix's Sex Education: Asa Butterfield & All-Star Cast In British 'Skins' Style Comedy

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One Twitter user wrote: "Please don't make Asa Butterfield just the next Netflix pretty boy, he's been acting since 9, and he's done great projects and deserves being recognized by the great actor he is so when sex education goes out give it all the support."

Another praised the star, who has been in the industry since he was a child, starring in films like Son of Rambow, and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, writing:

"Can we appreciate Asa Butterfield for a minute? Talented, stayed unproblematic, been in the industry for a while and has been in some iconic movies, and he's only 21? give my boy the appreciation he deserves."

The 21-year-old British star clearly has a large fan base who are worried he will be labelled a 'Netflix star', much like when Sandra Bullock appeared in Bird Box and many only knew the Oscar winner from that film alone and the whole of Twitter collectively shook their heads.

So, let's put the respect on Asa's name his fans say he deserves- we suggest you take a little look at some of the 24 TV shows and films he's starred in, including Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, Hugo and Ender's Game, because we can't afford for another Sandra Bullock situation, it's simply wrong!

Asa Butterfield fans urge people to respect the actor & not turn him into the 'boy of the month'
Asa Butterfield fans urge people to respect the actor & not turn him into the 'boy of the month'. Picture: Twitter

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