Selling Sunset’s Most Successful And Highest Commission Earners Revealed

7 August 2020, 10:33 | Updated: 14 August 2020, 10:16

The Selling Sunset agents make money through commission only
The Selling Sunset agents make money through commission only. Picture: Netflix

Selling Sunset season three sees the likes of agents Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald managing the sales of multi-million dollar properties in LA, but who makes the most?

Selling Sunset is back on Netflix for season three, and fans are keen to see whether Davina Portraz will finally sell that $75 million (£57 million) house and how many more listings Jason Oppenheim will give to ex-girlfriend Mary Fitzgerald.

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The agents, including Maya Vander, Chrishell Stause, Heather Young, Amanza Smith, and Christine Quinn, have a whole new portfolio of properties to sell in season three, working to earn their small fortune in commission as they’re not paid a salary.

The official trailer for Selling Sunset season 3

But who is set to make the most from the properties they’re responsible for?

Here’s a complete list of who would be the most successful Oppenheim Group agents, based on the sales they could make:

Davina Potratz - $2,250,000 (£1.7 million)

Mary Fitzgerald - $1,124,250 (£858,000)

Christine Quinn - $932,400 (£712,000)

Chrishell Stause - $539,670 (£412,000

Heather Young - $460,770 (£352,000)

Maya Vander - $440,700 (£336,000)

Amanza Smith - $247,500 (£189,000)

The Selling Sunset agents making a small fortune in commission
The Selling Sunset agents making a small fortune in commission. Picture: Netflix

The listings report, put together by, shows Davina takes the top spot thanks to the $75 million house she struggled to sell in season two.

Meanwhile, Mary has a total of seven properties to manage the sales of in season three, putting her in second place.

Maya, Heather, and Chrishell each have four properties to sell in the new season, while Amanza has two.

Amanza is the newest arrival to The Oppenheim Group, after expanding her interior design passion into property with the help of her life-long friends Brett, Jason and Mary.

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