Sam Claflin says he wants to play Finnick's dad in Hunger Games prequel

16 January 2024, 15:36

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"All I’m gonna say is that I would be all in for Finnick’s dad."

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If Suzanne Collins ever decides to write a Hunger Games prequel about Finnick Odair, Sam Claflin has officially thrown his name in the ring... to play his dad in the movie adaptation.

Sam famously portrayed the iconic Finnick in three out of four Hunger Games movies and helped turn the character into a massive fan favourite. So much so that fans have been begging the author to write a prequel about Finnick, his experience winning the games as a 14-year-old career tribute, and how he was treated by President Snow in aftermath of his victory.

Turns out that Sam has also heard about the hopes fans have for his character and he's 100% down to return to the franchise if the perfect opportunity comes up.

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Sam Claflin says he would "100%" return in Hunger Games prequel
Sam Claflin says he would "100%" return in Hunger Games prequel. Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Speaking to Variety's Marc Malkin on the red carpet at the Emmys, Sam shared that he had seen Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes and absolutely loved the addition to the franchise.

"Francis Lawrence at the helm is sort of a dagger in the heart because I thought he was ours," he joked. "But I'm so glad that he stuck with it and I'm so glad that the series has him at the helm."

He went on to shout out the cast by name, before throwing his hat in the ring to one day return to the franchise.

"100%," Sam said about whether or not he would ever want to go back to the franchise, before adding: "I don't know if there's room for me to go back, I'm too old now. I'm not blonde, I'm not blue eyed..."

"I’ve heard rumors that people are asking for a Finnick prequel, and all I’m gonna say is that I would be all in for Finnick’s dad."

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Following the success of Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes, which explores the origins of Coriolanus Snow and his involvement in the 10th Hunger Games, fans have been desperate for author Suzanne Collins to explore more backstories of the characters of Panem.

As well as Finnick, fans have expressed how much they'd love to see either Mags or Haymitch's Hunger Games – and the aftermath – explored in more detail.

But there's been no confirmation that Collins will be writing another entry into the franchise. In an interview with Polygon, producer Nina Jacobson said, "If [Collins] had a story in this world with something she wanted to talk about, something to explore, then great. But if not, better to leave a franchise as something people feel fondly about rather than crank out a sequel for the sake of a sequel."

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