Who Is Evelyn Evernever? Riverdale's Newest Character Joins Season 3

1 October 2018, 17:18

Riverdale season 3 begins on 10th October 2018
Riverdale season 3 begins on 10th October 2018. Picture: Facebook

Evelyn Evernever will join Archie Edwards, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper in Riverdale season 3 as the show's newest main character.

Riverdale season 3 is released on 10th Ocotber 2018 and Evelyn Evernever is one of the newest characters coming to the fictional town, but what do we know about her?

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It turns out Evelyn's dad is the leader of infamous Riverdale cult The Farm and there are rumours that she's set to catch the eye of a certain Archie Edwards - so here's everything you need to know about the new Riverdale star.

Who is Evelyn Evernever?

According to the original Archie comics, Evelyn was a shy girl who was acquainted with Archie and his friends, however, her only real friend was her doll, Minerva. We know that Evelyn's dad is part of The Farm, so will she be a good presence or an evil one in Riverdale?

Who is the actress playing Evelyn Evernever on Riverdale?

So far, the actress playing the role of Evelyn Evernever hasn't been revealed, although the casting call for the role stated producers were looking for 'Female, Late Teens – Early 20’s to play Late Teens, Open Ethnicity. Otherworldly, seemingly omnipresent, and a bit odd. (While not required, a possible direction for the role is a girl who is physically reminiscent of “Betty”.)'

Who will Evelyn Evernever be friends with in Riverdale season 3?

The casting call for Evelyn Evernever gave us quite the insight into who she will befriend in Riverdale season 3. According to producers Evelyn is 'eager to befriend Betty, and is surprisingly insightful for her age, but may be hiding dark secrets about herself.'

In the comics, Evelyn Evernever is actually Archie's first kiss and whilst we know he's already dating Veronica in the Netflix show, perhaps Evelyn will attempt to come between them?

Rumours have also surfaced suggesting Evelyn Evernever is actually Archie's kidnapper and now we can't wait for her storyline to unfold!

Is Evelyn Evernever part of The Farm?

Yes. Evelyn's dad Edgar Evernever is the leader of Riverdale cult The Farm. According to reports, 'Edgar is a new-age health “guru” who has helped Alice get her life together after the events of Season Two. He's attractive, in a neighborly way, and charismatic - a wise, comforting presence.'

Who is Edgar Evernever?

Evelyn's father Edgar is also yet to be cast for Riverdale season 3, howvere the casting call for the role is another illuminating one.

It reads, 'Male, Late 30’s – Early 40’s, Open Ethnicity. A recent arrival in Riverdale with his daughter Evelyn, Edgar is a new-age health “guru” who has helped Alice get her life together after the events of Season Two. (An actor with ‘90’s-2000’s pop-culture cachet is a plus.)'

Is Lucy Hale playing Evelyn Evernever in Riverdale seaosn 3?

There was a very strong rumour that Lucy Hale, of Pretty Little Liars fame, was set to play the role of Evelyn Evernever in Riverdale season 3, however the actress moved to deny the rumours on Twitter earlier this year.

Writing a message to her followers, Lucy explained, 'Also ,there’s a rumor I’m joining Riverdale. Not true. Love the show, but not true'.

We would've loved it to be true, but sadly Lucy's denial will keep us guessing as to who will secure the role.

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