TOWIE's Olivia Attwood Hits Back At 'Press Hungry' Amber Turner's Shady Comments

18 October 2019, 15:31

Amber Turner and Olivia Attwood feuding online after shady TOWIE comments
Amber Turner and Olivia Attwood feuding online after shady TOWIE comments. Picture: Instagram @amberturnerx @oliviajade_attwood

Olivia Attwood has accused Amber Turner of being media hungry after the reality star accused her of "having an issue with someone new every week."

The Only Way Is Essex's Olivia Attwood has gone all the way in on co-star Amber Turner, branding her antagonistic and trying to start beef with her for extra screen time after Amber accused her of 'having an issue with someone new every week' to a tabloid.

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In a now deleted Instagram story, the newly engaged reality star said: "Imagine. You’re on a show. circling the drain for god knows how many series. Then you decide to antagonise a new cast member so you can have a story line. Fine."

“Fill your boots. But when you’re still trying to milk the only interesting thing that’s happened to you, (ever) literally a month later, by adding false details it just gets a bit sad. Rest babe.”

She also clapped back at a headline detailing Amber's comments about Liv having a 'new issue every week", writing:

"Erm just 2 people to date. But whatever you need to do for press."

The drama came after Amber hit back at suggestions the 2017 Love Island contestant had 'saved' the ITVBe show at the launch of her winter shoe collection with Envy:

She said "The show always has a person who brings the drama, for me, throughout my two and a half years on the show, I have been at the centre of relationship drama, friendship drama."

"I feel like she has an issue with someone new every week."

Since joining the show, Olivia has been branded 'TV gold' by viewers for her straight talking manner and hasn't shied away from getting stuck in to the drama, having on-screen rows with Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows.

Now that Liv and Amber have come to blows online it may only be a matter of time until we see the pair come to blows on the show.

TOWIE airs on Sunday evenings at 9pm on ITVBe.

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