Zac Efron's Buff Body On Netfix's 'Down To Earth' Has Fans Crushing All Over Again

14 July 2020, 14:29 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 22:50

Down to Earth with Zac Efron | Official Trailer | Netflix

Zac Efron stars in 'Down To Earth' a factual docu-series exploring the earth's different sustainable energy sources, and as well as educating people,

Zac Efron's latest venture, Netflix's Down to Earth, sees the star travel across the globe, getting stuck into nature and looking at sustainable and renewable energy sources- and as educational as the show is (10/10 recommend giving it a watch), people are unsurprisingly distracted by, you guessed it, Zac Efron.

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Zac Efron has everyone glued to Netflix thanks to his hot new look on 'Down to Earth'
Zac Efron has everyone glued to Netflix thanks to his hot new look on 'Down to Earth'. Picture: Netflix/Down to Earth

Many who never 'understood' why High School Musical Zac, or even Bad Neighbours Zac was such a heartthrob are now seeing the light and admitting they're hooked on the educational docu-series mainly because of Zac's burly beard and ripped physique.

People are shook at his evolution from fresh faced Disney star, to spray tanned hunk to a whole lot of body hair and muscle, with an almost unanimous decision from people on Twitter that Zac, is in fact now, a 'zaddy'.

One person very bluntly wrote, "2020 needed this Zac Efron" which we think is a truly accurate summary of the situation, whilst others are kind of offended there was ever a time Zac was considered 'not hot'.

They wrote: "I keep seeing “when did zac efron get so hot” tweets and I don’t get when y’all think he wasn’t ????? feeling v shocked and disrespected."

Zac, as well as starring in the programme alongside wellness expert Darin Olien, is an executive producer of the show, proving he's interested and committed to plight of the environment and on discovering new sources of energy- which just makes him that even little bit hotter...if that's possible.

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