White Lines Series 2: Netflix Show's Second Season Rumours, Plot & Cast

20 May 2020, 17:08 | Updated: 20 May 2020, 17:11

Are they making a series 2 of White Lines?
Is there a second series of 'White Lines'? Picture: White Lines/ Netflix

After series one of 'White Lines' dropped on Netflix, will there be a second series of the crime thriller?

White Lines is the raunchy, drug-fuelled younger sibling of Money Heist that's just dropped on Netflix, both created by Alex Piña, and has arrived onto the streaming service at the perfect time during lockdown for all of our binging needs.

Viewers are already wondering if there will be a second series of the show, so here's everything we know so far.

Where Is Netflix’s White Lines Filmed?

The racy show follows the story of Zoe Walker, who has left her quiet life in Manchester for Ibiza to try and find out what happened to her brother, who was found dead on the island.

As you may have worked out, either from the show's title or from watching the first ten episodes, there's a whole lot of sex, drugs and rock & roll involved.

Fans already have an insatiable appetite for the show, and people are already wondering if White Lines will get the Money Heist treatment and have second, third and even fourth series added to it?

Will there be a White Lines series 2?

There has been no word about a second series of White Lines just yet, which isn't unusual as both Netflix and and the production company want to see the reception to the show before committing to another series, or multiple more!

Also, given the pandemic and unprecedented times we're in, it's unlikely many deals can be made, let alone production plans get underway when basically everything is shut down!

Spoiler ahead!

The series didn't end on a cliffhanger, and we did finally get the answers we want, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be another series in the show!

As for the cast- it sounds like they'd almost certainly be up for it, as they've gushed about the whole filming process so much.

Laura Haddock (Zoe Walker) told BT TV: "The cinematographers on White Lines were just so talented. Absolute visionaries. I would step out onto set and often say, 'Gosh, how lucky we are.'"

How many episodes are in series 1 of White Lines?

Series 1 of White Lines has 10 episodes, each lasting around 50 minutes, which is over 8 hours of viewing goodness, which we all know we have time for right now during lockdown, so get stuck in.

There's no whisper of a second series as of yet, as shows often wait to see how they're received before moving on, but Money Heist has four series, so who is to say there's not more to come yet!

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