When Was Netflix's Bridgerton Filmed?

26 January 2021, 12:51

When was Netflix's 'Bridgerton' filmed?
When was Netflix's 'Bridgerton' filmed? Picture: Netflix/ Bridgerton

When was series 1 of 'Bridgerton' filmed and was it during the COVID-19 pandemic? The show's creator hinted he was working on the show *so* long ago!

Bridgerton series 1 arrived on Netflix to banish our January blues and has sat at the number 1 spot on the streaming site for weeks now.

Viewers are already desperate for another series (which has thankfully been confirmed) and in the meantime have loads of questions about the racy Regency show.

This includes wanting to know just when was it filmed, given there was a pandemic ongoing throughout the whole of 2020?

Thankfully, there have been so many clues we can tell you exactly that..

Bridgerton: From Primark Signs To Yellow Lines – All The Blunders Fans Are Spotting

When was Bridgerton filmed?

The show, incredibly luckily, wrapped almost all of its filming in February 2020- which literally of us know is just around when things started to go, well, rapidly downhill.

By March 2020 we were in a nationwide lockdown and things would have proved impossible for the show to continue filming until at least the summer.

A lot of filming took place at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire in September and October 2019 and other locations used were in London, Bath and Buckinghamshire.

(Imagining travelling to all those locations now- seems incredible doesn't it?!)

The show's creator actually teased he was 'scouting' for locations on Instagram- but we were none the wiser!

When does Bridgerton season 2 start filming?

If everything goes to plan, the show will begin shooting its second series in Spring 2021.

Fortunately, film sets have been able to resume production, following strict COVID-19 protocol including masks and regular testing.

Which is fabulous news for all of us stuck at home, with Netflix as our main hobby!

Bridgerton filming blunders

If you, like us, are just wanting to know every single thing about the series, then you'll enjoy all the hilarious blunders people ave spotted including Primark shop signs and traffic warnings AKA things definitely not from the 1800's.

In the opening episode, some fans were able to spot yellow painted lines on the road, which apparently didn’t make it to the UK until the 1950s.

A viral tweet wrote in response: "Two episodes into #Bridgerton and I’ve so far spotted a single yellow line and a telecoms manhole cover. I didn’t realise the 19th Century Brits were such pioneers."

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