Tiger King's Rick Kirkham Confirms Joe Exotic Didn't Sing Any Of His Songs

11 April 2020, 18:30 | Updated: 11 April 2020, 19:50

Tiger King's Joe Exotic didn't sing his songs
Tiger King's Joe Exotic didn't sing his songs. Picture: Capital/Joe Exotic TV YouTube

Tiger King cast member and producer in his own right Rick Kirkham has confirmed that Joe Exotic didn't sing any of his own songs.

Tiger King's Rick Kirkham, who spent a year filming Joe Exotic, confirmed to Capital Evening Show host Jimmy Hill that the wild cat enthusiast didn't in fact sing any of his songs.

Joe Exotic, whose intense rivalry with Carole Baskin is well documented in the Netflix show Tiger King, has become the fascination of the entire world however Rick was on hand to spill a few secrets about the zoo owner.

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Tiger King's Rick Kirkham on Facetime with Jimmy Hill
Tiger King's Rick Kirkham on Facetime with Jimmy Hill. Picture: Capital

When quizzed on whether Joe really did sing on his own songs, Rick admitted, "No and it's so funny when you say how he put out new songs - no it's not his voice".

He goes on to add, "It never was his voice. No. The music would come in and he say 'I've got my latest song in today' and I'm like, well when did you record this because I've been with you for six months, day and night, and you haven't left me".

Tiger King's Rick Kirkham reveals Joe Exotic doesn't sing his songs.

Rick did confirmed however that his team shot a lot of music videos for Joe; "We shot about six or seven music video for him and he would practice very hard to get the lip-sync down but it was just so obvious it wasn't - he didn't know the words to the songs!'

Tiger King's Rick Kirkham amazed by Roman's Joe Exotic impression

Jimmy went on to quiz who Rick would cast as the people from Tiger King if it were to be re-made into a big Hollywood movie. His answer didn't disappoint...

"You know it's funny, I've been asked that a couple of times as far as Joe and I. I think that David Spade would play an excellent Joe Exotic. David Spade, he could just nail the part".

Tiger King Rick casts the movie version of the show

"People ask about myself and it's funny because there are so many different names, but in the back of my head I think that Billy Bob Thornton, might make a good me."

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