Where Is Sex Education Set & Where Is The Netflix Show Filmed?

27 January 2020, 13:43 | Updated: 27 January 2020, 13:46

Netflix's Sex Education has returned for series 2
Netflix's Sex Education has returned for series 2. Picture: Netflix

Is Sex Education set in Britain or America? Where is it filmed in Wales? We've got all the answers about the Netflix show...

Netflix's Sex Education is back for series 2 but there's still the same confusion about where the show is actually set.

It's a British drama and the characters all have English accents but at the same time they go to Moordale High - which doesn't sound particularly British - and they wear varsity jackets and have their own American-style school lockers.

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So is Sex Education set in Britain or America? Well, the show's stars have admitted it's somewhere in between...

Gillian Anderson, who plays Otis's sex-therapist mother Dr Jean F. Milburn, has revealed that the show is deliberately vague about whether the action takes place in the UK or the US.

"There is a bit of both worlds, decidedly, in the series, and the aim and the hope is that Americans won’t notice," Gillian explained to Radio Times shortly after the release of series 1.

"For instance, the Brits may notice that they are throwing American footballs, whereas the Americans won’t notice that that might be strange for people speaking with British accents."

It's not set in any particular location with producers borrowing elements of both British and American school experiences.

So basically whilst Moordale is supposed to be placed somewhere in the south west of the UK, the show borrows bits of the American school experience so that it has a broader international appeal.

"Sex Education" Season 2 - World Premiere - VIP Arrivals
"Sex Education" Season 2 - World Premiere - VIP Arrivals. Picture: Getty

Whilst the show might be set in Britain or might be set in America... it's definitely, actually filmed in Wales.

For both series, Netflix have used locations across Wales, including Wye Valley, Llandogo, Tintern, Penarth and Newport.

Scenes at Moordale High are shot in the disused University of South Wales campus in Caerleon. A lot of the show was also filmed in the Llandogo - it's the setting for Brown's Village Stores and Bigsweir House.

Wales. Picture: Getty

Otis and his mum Jean's house is situated on the east side of Symonds Yat, a village in Hertfordshire by the River Wye and just a few miles from the Welsh border. The chalet used to be a B&B but is currently closed to the public.

Meanwhile, the bridge that Otis and Eric often cross on their way to Moordale High is the Old Railway Bridge at Tintern.

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