Sex Education’s Maeve Actress Emma Mackey Battling 'More Anxiety’ Over Season 2 Of The Netflix Series

30 January 2020, 15:02

Emma Mackey said she feels 'more anxiety' after the release of Sex Education season two
Emma Mackey said she feels 'more anxiety' after the release of Sex Education season two. Picture: Getty / Netflix

Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve on Sex Education, has discussed how her fast rise to fame has taken its toll on her.

Sex Education season two has been as huge of a hit as the first series, with the obsession over the stars growing as Netflix fans continue to binge-watch the series.

And this time around, the popularity has had more of an affect on Maeve actress Emma Mackey, who said she’s finding the hype around series two much more “overwhelming” as the experience is no longer new to her.

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Speaking to WWD, Emma, 24, said: “What I’m still figuring out is I think this time around, I’m experiencing more anxiety than I did last year, because it was still so completely new. I didn’t have time to think about it.

Emma Mackey stars as Maeve on Sex Education
Emma Mackey stars as Maeve on Sex Education. Picture: Netflix

“And now, I find it more overwhelming. I don’t know why, because I feel like I’ve never been more comfortable and more confident, but it’s really taken me aback this time.”

However, Emma adds that her routine will go back to normal once the cast’s press tour for the show dies down.

She added: “It’s all blessings. It’s all happiness and I’m very, I’m very happy…as soon as I get back home in London and have a little routine again and I’ll have my little simple life, I’ll be absolutely fine.”

Emma is based in London but grew up in the French countryside before moving to Leeds at 17 for university. Her father is French and her mum is English.

After deciding she wanted to go into acting, Emma moved to London to pursue her passion and start acting classes.

The actress will soon return to Paris to finish shooting a French film, Eiffel, and hopes to return for a third season of Sex Education.

There’s little yet known about the future of Sex Education, but after the success of season two it’s likely there will be a third series.

And after having January release dates for the first and second season, fans are hopeful season three will be back at the start of 2021.

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