Fans Praise Netflix’s Sex Education For Its Portrayal Of LGBT Characters And Relationships

17 January 2019, 11:44

Sex Education has been praised for its portrayal of LGBT characters.
Sex Education has been praised for its portrayal of LGBT characters. Picture: Instagram

The new cult hit show on Netflix has received a lot of praise for its portrayal of LGBT+ characters.

All anyone’s been talking about this past week has been Netflix’s new cult show, Sex Education, and the series has received high praise for its representation of LGBT+ characters and relationships.

Why Does The British Comedy, Sex Education, Feel So American?

One of the breakout characters that has received the most praise is Eric, a black gay teenager who is unapologetically himself and steals the show mid-way through with his touching storylines.

Throughout the series, viewers see Eric being his most authentic self, rocking a pair of heels and a beat face of make up to prom despite his dad being worried about him getting hurt for daring to be different.

Eric refuses to bow down to the pressure of the homophobia he faces from school bullies or his family’s conservative religious beliefs, and fans were quick to take to Twitter to praise his character.

SPOILER ALERT – Don’t read any more if you don’t want to spoil a HUGE plot twist

Throughout the series we see bully Adam harassing Eric, but when the pair finally get into a physical fight, the couple end up kissing instead of brawling.

It becomes apparent that the reason Adam has been tormenting Eric is to overcompensate for his own repressed sexuality that he has been hiding due to his overbearing father, the school headteacher.

However, their romance is short-lived as Adam’s dad ships him off to military school and we are left on a cliffhanger of what will happen with the couple in the next series.

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