Sex Education’s Connor Swindells Explains What The Cast Do Before Those Awkward Intimate Scenes

17 January 2020, 15:18

Connor Swindells, who stars as Adam Groff on Sex Education, said the show’s intimate scenes are choreographed to keep any awkwardness to a minimum.

Sex Education season two has finally dropped on Netflix, with plenty more comedy from the much-loved characters and even more intimate scenes.

And while you may be watching the moments cringing for the actors who play the likes of Otis, Aimee, Eric, and Adam, there’s a lengthy process which goes into making the sex scenes as comfortable as possible.

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Connor Swindells, who plays former school bully Adam Groff, spoke to us about the preparation each actor goes through ahead of a sex scene, explaining every small detail is choreographed and that there’s an intimacy coordinator on set to ensure the actors are comfortable the whole time.

Connor Swindells' character Adam Groff was sent to military school in season one
Connor Swindells' character Adam Groff was sent to military school in season one. Picture: Netflix

He said: “There’s a lot of communication the whole time and making sure everyone is comfortable and feels safe, which is what an intimacy coordinator is there for.

“There’s loads of open discussions and [it’s] choreographed through, so we know exactly what we’re doing.”

The production crew also ensure that only people who absolutely must be on set are there, so there’s less of an audience watching the scene take place.

Connor continued: “Doing stuff like that is really difficult but there’s always a closed set with skeleton crew, which means there’s few people in the room as possible. Unfortunately they are tedious to do and they can take a bit of time but we try and make it as comfortable as possible.”

The 23-year-old actor also added he tries to make his co-stars laugh to ease the atmosphere.

And if you’re wondering whether the cast ban their relatives from watching their intimate scenes, Connor admitted he lets his family figure things out for themselves after giving them a warning.

He added: “I’ve been really good at just not saying anything and letting people figure it out for themselves, I didn’t really tell anyone not to watch it or anything I said, ‘just enjoy’, but I warned people – we all did.”

Sex Education season two dropped on Netflix on 17 January.

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