Netflix’s Sex Education Couple Adam and Aimee Are Dating In Real Life & They’re Too Cute

17 January 2019, 16:01

Netflix's Sex Education's Aimee and Adam are dating IRL.
Netflix's Sex Education's Aimee and Adam are dating IRL. Picture: Instagram

Connor Swindells who plays Adam Groff and Aimee Lou Wood who plays Aimee Gibbs are a real life couple as well as playing love interests in the hit Netflix show.

Netflix’s new cult hit, Sex Education, pretty much opened with a sex scene between characters Adam Groff and Aimee Gibbs, but it turns out they’re not just a couple on-screen… the pair are dating in real life too!

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The couple, played by Connor Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood, are no strangers to posting pictures of each other on their social media accounts – and we’re totally here for this on-screen/off-screen pairing.

Without giving too much away, Adam and Aimee’s on-screen love life isn’t all smooth sailing (well, given the show is called Sex Education, you could probably guess that may be the case).

However, the couple seem to be a much better match off-screen, and Aimee recently posted a heartfelt message to Connor on his birthday.

It read, “HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH SWINDELLS YOU BEAUTIFUL MAGNIFICENT MAN. You’ve been a warrior king forever in the hundreds of lives you have already lived but now you’re my [king emoji].

“AND I DONT GIVE A F IF ANYONE THINKS THAT IS CRINGEY cuz I’m trying to be as brave as u are. I’m owning my narrative. Big thank you to Adam Groff and Aimee Gibbs for making all this possible... Not going to say any more because I feel vulnerable but YOU KNOW THE REST”.


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