Netflix To Set Its Own Age Ratings On Movies And TV Shows

14 March 2019, 12:37

Netflix will set their own age ratings
Netflix will set their own age ratings. Picture: Netflix / BBFC

Netflix is to set official UK age ratings for its movies and TV series, using a new algorithm to determine the ratings.

Netflix has been given the authority to decide the age ratings on its own films and shows, after working with the British Board of Film Classification to create a new system in how the content will be rated.

The BBFC will allow the streaming giant to tag things such as violence in each production and an algorithm with determine the appropriate rating.

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A BBFC spokesperson said: “This is the first time that the BBFC have collaborated with a content provider and put together a scheme that will eventually mean that they will rate their own content. This content will then receive a BBFC rating.

"The content will be viewed by a person, however the classification decision will be made digitally from the tags that the viewer inputs in to the system.

"Therefore if the content contains violence at a particular point it will be tagged as such and these tags will form the basis of the final rating."

Because of the huge amount of content already available on Netflix, “it’s not logistically viable for the BBFC to view everything in the traditional way”, explained the BBFC’s head of committee.

Currently, films or DVDs which have been viewed by an in-house BBFC employee can carry the U, PG, 12, 15 or 18 symbols.

The board will carry out a monthly audit to make sure Netflix is upholding their end of the deal.

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