Otis Milburn's Sex Education House Is Available To Rent For A Holiday & People Can't Wait

24 January 2020, 16:40

You'll be able to rent Otis's Sex Education house soon!
You'll be able to rent Otis's Sex Education house soon! Picture: Netflix Sex Education/The Chalet Symonds Yat East

The ambiguously located 'Sex Education' house Otis Milburn and his zany mum played by Gillian Anderson will soon be available to rent and Netflix viewers from around the world are lining up to stay in the 10 bedroom property!

The dreamy wooden house perched on the side of a hill Otis Milburn and his sex therapist legend of a mum live in on Sex Education will soon be available to rent, with an entire website set up to take bookings for when its owner has done it up- and you'll have to get in the queue, because it's proving seriously popular!

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The owner of the house, Stuart Morgan, spoke to LADBible about the influx of inquiries he's had since his property was used on the enormous Netflix series.

He said he hopes the place will be available 'by Easter' and told them the reaction to his house after appearing on the show has 'been pretty mad'.

The place even has its own website, which highlights even further than the series, the amazing scenery its situated in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean in Herefordshire, so for people in the UK, its even easier to take a weekend away there!

"[We've had] hundreds of enquiries from around the world", said Stuart, and the website asks people to e-mail if they'd like to be notified when the house is available to rent- and we can imagine he has a pretty full inbox right about now!

The series, which constantly has people wondering just where and when in time it is set, has remained purposefully ambiguous, partly to appeal to American audiences, but is in fact filmed in Wales- where The Chalet is located.

Gillian Anderson explained to Radio Times shortly after the release of series 1: "There is a bit of both worlds, decidedly, in the series, and the aim and the hope is that Americans won’t notice."

"For instance, the Brits may notice that they are throwing American footballs, whereas the Americans won’t notice that that might be strange for people speaking with British accents."

What better way to tide us all over until series 3 is ready than to go and actually live like the cast in their house?!

Did someone say stalker fan?

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